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Best Top Bollywood celebrity PR agencies in Mumbai

How spin doctors manipulate media and public perception

Spin doctors, also known as media consultants or political strategists, are individuals or organizations that help politicians and other public figures manage their public image and control the way their messages are perceived by the media…

How Bollywood PR has evolved over the last 25 years

Courtesy: Medium Entertainment PR has evolved from straight-forward propaganda to notorious manipulative tactics. Anchal Sujanti takes you through the journey of Bollywood PR over the past 25 years, as she gives you insights about people…

Bollywood’s Top Public Relations Firms

Courtesy: Everything PR Don't you just love all the different genres you can find in film and stories these days? Have you enjoyed more than one Bollywood film? The dancing, the colors, the music, the festive feeling what's not to love.… my wife gets her pussy eaten.

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