What is the worst that can happen if you don’t have a budget to promote yourself?

Simple answer:

Nothing much!

You will still have a house to stay. You will still have a decent vehicle to travel in. You will still have good clothes to wear. And you will still have the monies to eat good quality tasty food. However, what you may not have, is branding and this might just cost you your future growth.

So if you want to live only in the present, saving monies on PR works perfectly. But if you want to grow in money, credibility, brand and fame, you got to start somewhere. Otherwise, you may keep waiting and risk stagnation. And this cost could be the biggest blow to your entire life and career.

Is PR an expense or an investment?

We all know that branding attracts success. Now just imagine for a minute that you save your money and don’t spend it on PR. But you also don’t achieve fame, popularity and branding. And life passes by. Which option is the bigger risk in the long-term? Not spending on good PR, or not achieving the big dreams in your life? Think.

This is precisely why PR and branding should never be treated only as an expense but as an investment. When you pay for PR and branding, you are not spending on your present, but investing for a better future, a better career, a better brand and a better life.

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