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What are the working hours in the PR profession?

As a PR professional, you may have to work round the clock. Your clients will have different work schedules and you will have to work based on their availability and requirement. Your schedule will also depend on the availability of…

What will the workplace look like post-COVID?

A lot of people are wondering if the work-from-home movement will stick, will it be a hybrid, etc. What will the workplace look like post-COVID? To help you figure out what your workplace will look like post-COVID, we asked business…

7 things all PR pros should do before going solo

Courtesy: Ragan's PR Daily Public relations is projected to be one of the top 10 occupations by 2022, and there are plenty of career options. PR pros can work for a corporation, an agency, a non-profit, a startup or a small business. my wife gets her pussy eaten.

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