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Are you a saleable brand?

Reality check

Financers, funding professionals, corporate companies, and even film producers look for saleable brands — names that can sell their products and projects.

What Moneybags want

Whether it’s advertisements, collaborations, appearances like inaugurations, ribbon cuttings, or stage shows, only those who are saleable and have strong recall value get the assignments. If you’re not saleable, you won’t last long in the rapidly evolving market, and get lost among the scores of new people trying to make it big all the time.

What you get

To be saleable, you need strong positioning on Google, a consistent brand identity, and regular organic news features. Being written about and featured organically on news websites brings credibility, respect, and reputation that self-promotion on social media cannot match.

What you want

Are you there? If yes, are you consistent enough to have strong recall value for your brand? If not, you’re missing out in the race. Think about it. my wife gets her pussy eaten.

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