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Brief Case Study: New-Age websites take precedence in the PR industry

After Legacy and Veteran websites began charging for editorial content, many PR professionals in India are focusing on New-Age websites, which still publish organic content.

The trend of paid news and paid media caught on during the pandemic as PR agencies in India struggled to maintain control. Taking advantage of the situation, many fly-by-night marketers began selling content mostly on Legacy and Veteran websites.

However, most of this paid content came with disclaimers stating that the websites were not responsible for the credibility of the published news. This eroded the credibility of some websites. Many customers and content creators realized that disclaimers and paid news made them appear desperate for media attention.

Moreover, some who sought verification blue ticks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were shocked when their verifications were rejected due to submitting paid news reference links. Instagram influencers also had their verifications revoked retrospectively for submitting paid news links.

This realization prompted a shift towards New-Age websites, many of which still publish organic content through PRs.

Recognizing this trend, PR professionals and agencies in India also began concentrating more on New-Age websites. This surge has given hope to many upcoming celebrities and influencers aiming to get their social media profiles verified with the blue tick.

However, many media experts believe that as these New-Age websites mature, they too will begin charging for editorial content, akin to Legacy and Veteran websites. But for now, there is a flood of news articles and features available for all emerging figures seeking media attention via news websites.

For a detailed understanding of the difference between New-Age websites, Veteran websites, and Legacy websites, you can read the article below, which provides insights into their distinctions.

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