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PR then and now: A 10 years retrospective

Public relations & marketing plays a very important role in influencing a customer and changing his mind. PR and marketing strategies have been around since the time of World War I. With the passage of time, PR and marketing strategies have also changed. Today let’s take a look at how PR has changed from 2010 to the present day.


Earlier, if you want to publish your news in any magazine or newspaper, you would need to type your press release and physically mail it to various publications. During the period of 10 years since 2010, India has seen two major financial crises i.e., the global financial crisis of 2008 and the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to drastic changes in public relations and marketing. Many people have started surfing the internet and spending more and more time online. Digitalization has made things much easier and faster. Now your press release can be live in a matter of minutes. In 2020, global spending on digital marketing was close to $330 billion.

No longer just about media relations

Public relations were entirely based on the media relations. Journalists were only a source to make your news out and were marked as the gatekeepers to your news. Now, although media relations play an important role in the life of PR but it no longer depends on them. You can develop press release and self-publish your news by creating own website or blogger.

Tracking for the best PR

Finding a good and experienced PR for your firm or organization means a lot. It’s easy to track down a good PR these days. There are many PR agencies or independent PRs that you can easily hire to build strong relationships with clients.

Progress data

Over the years, a PR has to face many problems with respect to the progress report data or the outcome of their campaigns. It was very difficult to find out how many people had seen it. Now by being able to track and measure data, PR agencies have become more powerful and integral to marketing operations.

New roles

Nowadays PR responsibilities have gone far beyond traditional media relations and writing press releases. PR plays other roles like content creator, crisis manager, website designer, image handling, brand handling, podcaster, social media handling, etc. my wife gets her pussy eaten.

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