Top 3 advantages and disadvantages of Online News

The rise of the internet era gave a closure to the print news. Television viewing is also giving way to the internet. There are some advantages as well as disadvantages of Online News.
Advantages of online news are as follows:

1. Easier to Access:

Online news is faster and easier to access. The person doesn’t have to go to the store to read the newspaper. Worldwide news is available on the site. The content in the online news is well organized for the readers. The readers won’t face any problem in searching for the information required.

2. Cost-Efficient:

The readers can save their money as the newspaper doesn’t have to be purchased if news is available on the site. The website doesn’t add the print cost. The reader can have access to news whenever and wherever they require for free of cost.

3. Boon for Marketers:

Online news on websites is a boon to marketers. They can advertise their products in between the latest breaking news. Marketers can give offers and discounts to a huge number of people. The brands can use attractive images and videos to promote their products and service in a very effective way through these sites.

Disadvantages of online news are as follows:

1. Health Alert:

The excessive use of the internet may cause diseases. Man can get so addicted to the internet that he becomes inseparable from it. The radiation emitted through mobile and laptop are very dangerous for humans as it may cause brain cancer and maybe other illnesses as well.

2. Technical Issues:

The site could crash if a lot of people try accessing it at the same time. If the site crashes, it doesn’t open for a short while then. Also, other technical issues can occur on the website. Those can result in going offline temporarily. Ultimately, this will lead to no access to the site and the offline competitors may gain benefit.

3. Paid Subscription for Daily News:

There are some news sites available online who allow access to readers only after they pay for daily news. Revenue is generated by the site if people subscribe for daily news. Readers may disagree to pay extra money as there are other news websites which are available to read recent news.

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