7 smart tips for writing a perfect news release

News release? Yes, you read it right. India is updating and developing in every field of technology, science, education etc., but if the matter is related to Public Relations, then even today the old words are used.

The name press release comes from the printing press, which was widely used in the earlier days. Now in the era of news which literally means new, it is time to update and call it news release.

Here are 7 tips that will help you write a perfect news release:

1. Topic

The journalist receives over 100 news release emails every day. If you want to make your news release stand out, it is very important to choose a good, relevant and newsworthy topic.

2. Headline

The title of the news release should be catchy and concise. Most people only read the title and very few will read the entire passage. It should include exclusive information and its font should always be in bold and centered.

3. Short and simple

The news excerpt should be short i.e., less than or equal to 350 words and should include all the relevant information. The language you will use should be simple and understandable.

4. Include photo or quotes

The high-quality photo or quotes relevant to the content should be attached. It attracts the reporters and viewers too.

5. Proper ending

Things like writing “END” in bold or using “###” should be used to end your news release. Add details like contact number immediately after the end note, so that journalists can contact you easily.

6. Revise

Having grammatical errors, use of capital words in the middle of sentences and improper use of commas, gives a wrong impression. All of this can be overcome by revising your article as many times as you can before sending it to the journalist.

7. Don’t use CC

Always use “To” when mailing your news release to single person and “BCC (Blind Carbon Copy)” when sending to multiple. The use of CC will allow the journalist to see the full list of recipients leaving a low priority effect.

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