7 types of blogs one can create

Blogging is to provide inspiration, create connection and spread awareness on various topics. When one starts with blogging, it’s not for readership purpose only, it has a lot of gratification attached to it. As travel, food and fashion blogs are common now, but there are certain other domains where in one can create their own blog. When initiating on a blog journey, one needs to decide which topic interests them for blogging and what makes them passionate about it. Later, they should work on their beautiful journey. Some of the interesting blogs one can create are as follows:

1. DIY craft blogs

DIY blog also termed as Do It Yourself blog in which owner creates thing on their own. If people are unsure about if there is a craft shop on the internet, there are definitely some of them which one can search about. We can clearly see how much people love Pinterest and Esty to gain assurance. The projects which are all Do It Yourself requires a lot and lot of steps to create. Blogging is a channel through which one can speak their mind and attract followers or probably customers. One can create craft, hand-made gifts or sew clothes from the fabric they have. If you have the potential to create any unique item, you can believe in yourself and move forward for the same.

2. Parenting blogs

We are living here because of our parents, but there are somethings which our parents missed out on. Parenting is a duty which one needs to carry on for 24/7. So, when one is expecting, they move on to ask for tips to mom bloggers or start reading parenting books. If one wants to know, what to write on parenting topic, it can be about the tips and advices, reviews and recommendations of baby food, toys and accessories, and can also choose for child behaviour management. The parents always love to see what new accessories are available for their children. One can make brand collaboration with the brands which provides the kids accessories.

3. Sports blogs

There are hundred types of sports played all around the world. If one chooses this topic, then they can definitely look what interests them and pick one or many to write about. If you aspire to start a sports blog, you can choose a team or athlete and carry on further to make it interesting. One can even write about the game which didn’t receive much fame in its initial stage but later did. If writing doesn’t interest one then they can go for podcasts which has coverage of sports. But one has to make sure to do proper research about the sports category before writing/talking about it. Furthermore, the owner of the blog page should also make sure to provide the original perspective. Other topics one can write about is stats and game recaps or about news related to a particular Athlete.

4. Music Blogs

Music blogs are something where discussion on a lot of different things about the musical industry takes place. In the digital space now, people can connect offline through online via music. The artists, fans and critics all gather together on the music blogs and discuss every aspect of it. People who are passionate about music creation discusses about lyrics writing and composition. If one wishes to create music blogs to read, they can choose specific genre such as pop, hip hop, classic, jazz, rock or country music. The main thing one has to keep in mind before choosing this topic is it requires lot of research. They constantly have to keep updates, artist news and events. One can also write about music charts and music creation technology in addition.

5. Religion Blogs

There are innumerable people in the world who have faith in religion. Some people tend to choose a niche topic when it comes to religion, as they may choose spirituality or how it affects mental health. If one wants to start a religious blog, they need to pressure their mind and think on what made them a believer. That turning point in their life could be a story they can start the blog from. In a religion blog, one can write about prayers and daily verses, personal stories which inspire, and also traditions and practices to follow.

6. Book and writing blogs

People who are voracious readers could definitely go for this one. They can write about any possible thing related to books, be it fiction or non-fiction. One could discuss book summaries, grammar, give reviews and recommendations. If you choose to opt for this one, then you can write on topics like writing tips and even about author interviews.

7. Political blogs

If one wishes to write report about political and election news, criticise or advocate for political people or policies and wish to fight for social justice, then he/she should go for this one. Some people cannot talk about politics everywhere. Political blog can be a safe place to provide their perspective. The blogger can give biased views or controversial one, it is totally their choice.

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