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Do Bigg Boss contestants have a PR team?

Sorry to disappoint you, but most Bigg Boss contestants get into the show without hiring a publicist.

This often results in controversies being unaddressed and uncontrolled, and their image being tarnished by the time they come out of the reality show.

Only a few have had actual PR teams handle their branding outside while they are surrounded by controversies in the Bigg Boss house.

Over the years, the only known name in PR who has handled the media for Bigg Boss celebrities is Bollywood publicist Dale Bhagwagar, who has handled the media for some 20 contestants of the show, and is popularly known as the most trusted celebrity PR in Bollywood.

Since he is the most famous PR in Bollywood, he has also been termed the only Bigg Boss PR specialist by the media. He often calls Press Conferences and issues news releases to the media, when his contestants fall into controversies, clarifying their stand while they are inside the Bigg Boss house.

Apart from him, most of the burden of defending celebrities of Bigg Boss, have fallen in the lap of their Twitter fans or their family members and friends.

Some fans even make unofficial accounts as ‘PR teams’ on Twitter, while others call themselves ‘armies’ on the social media platform. my wife gets her pussy eaten.

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