Shall I opt for a journalism internship or PR internship in India?

The primary task that you will be required to handle in both journalism and PR internships is content writing. However, the niche of the content you write will vary based on the internship you choose.

While journalism internships in India are more about reporting events and facts, PR internships will deal with content that is more commercial in nature. You will be writing about clients and their offerings and also populating websites with relevant content.

Think about what kind of writing you’d like to do in future and choose accordingly.

To help and train media students and freshers, especially from BMM and BMS, the Mumbai-based media agency Dale Bhagwagar Media Group conducts work-from-home online internships in India for students of journalism and PR.

With the right direction and correct guidance in writing and communication skills and its proper processes, one can improve on content writing skills from a news media point of view. Without perfecting these skills, Journalism and PR learning also remains incomplete.

This is also why the agency’s online internships in content writing are based on work-from-home projects, assigned mainly to students studying Journalism, Content Writing and/or Public Relations.

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