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What is a niche in content writing?

Niche in content writing refers to a writer’s speciality or expertise. It is a genre of topics or industry that a writer focuses on.

To choose your niche, you must look for areas that you have experience and domain knowledge in. Freshers can choose a niche based on their passion. For instance, if you enjoy writing digital marketing content, you can choose it as a niche and only take assignments in that area.

One of the known media firms conducting content writing internships in India includes Mumbai-based PR agency Dale Bhagwagar Media Group which provides online work-from-home internships in journalism, PR and content writing in India. Dale Bhagwagar is known in the news media as the most trusted celebrity publicist in Bollywood.

Its internships for students and freshers studying journalism and PR, focuses on topics such as national news, world news, entertainment news, business news, tech news, lifestyle news, travel, politics, sports and other categories.

Some other industry-specific niches in content writing include finance, healthcare, real estate, parenting, etc. There are also niches based on content type. These include eBooks, whitepapers, academic content, etc. my wife gets her pussy eaten.

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