What happens if I copy content from some webpage?

Most job descriptions mention that the employee or intern they hire must be able to create unique content.

If you copy content from some other webpage, you are stealing somebody’s hard work without giving them due credit. Not only is it immoral but also illegal. If the content is copyrighted, there may be legal proceedings against you under copyright law.

If not, duplicate content will not take your website anywhere. This is because Google will consider it as already published and consider your page worthless. Thus, you won’t come up in the search results or may be taken down for plagiarism.

The original creator may also file a complaint against you. Moreover, people come to your site because they regard you as an expert and duplicate content may not add any value to them. This will discourage them from visiting your page again. If you must take content from other websites, link it to the source and include proper attribution.

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