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Public relations and corporate social responsibility in India

In recent years, public relations (PR) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives have steadily gained importance among Indian companies and multinational corporations operating in the country.

As Indian consumers become more conscious of environmental and social issues, companies have recognized the need to communicate their CSR efforts more effectively. Simultaneously, new-age digital news platforms are providing innovative channels for PR outreach.

Increasingly, Indian PR firms are leveraging online portals and news websites to showcase their clients’ CSR activities to tech-savvy audiences. From tree planting drives to donations for community development — companies are finding creative ways to integrate social responsibility with core business operations.

For instance, IT majors like TCS and Infosys have extensive CSR programs focusing on education, health and environmental sustainability. When these firms build a new campus or office facility, their PR partners ensure that the ‘green’ features are highlighted across media.

The startup boom has also prioritized PR and CSR, with young ventures embracing causes like gender equality, financial inclusion etc. right from the beginning. Social enterprises are especially dependent on intelligent PR to spread awareness about their work.

While earlier CSR was seen as a ‘box to be ticked’, it has now become intrinsic to branding and public image. And with digital penetration expanding rapidly, PR has emerged as the ideal vehicle to steer conversations with Indian consumers who care about more than just profits.

The interplay between PR and CSR will only grow in the coming years as companies realize tangible benefits in terms of talent attraction, customer loyalty and market valuation. my wife gets her pussy eaten.

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