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Do Bigg Boss contestants have a PR team?

Sorry to disappoint you, but most Bigg Boss contestants get into the show without hiring a publicist. This often results in controversies being unaddressed and uncontrolled, and their image being tarnished by the time they come out of…

McDonald’s India improves their PR

McDonald’s India announced on Thursday that it will now mention complete allergen and nutritional information alongside the complete menu on the McDelivery app. This is being done to ensure that customers make informed food choices. To…

What will the workplace look like post-COVID?

A lot of people are wondering if the work-from-home movement will stick, will it be a hybrid, etc. What will the workplace look like post-COVID? To help you figure out what your workplace will look like post-COVID, we asked business…

Bollywood PRs — A devious lot

Courtesy: The Times of India Across the seas, Hollywood is known for its public relation efforts and the time and money it invests in keeping a star in the limelight- which keeps the movies in the news. A debatable issue is whether

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